Nurturing New Beginnings: Japa Professionals for Postnatal Care in Delhi NCR

Mohit Pandey 14/08/20223

Welcoming a new life into the world is a momentous occasion, and the journey of motherhood is a transformative experience. In the heart of Delhi NCR, a cherished tradition known as Japa professionals has emerged as a nurturing postnatal service. Lasting for 40 days, this service encompasses comprehensive mother and child care, including therapeutic massages and wholesome food preparation. Let's explore the essence of Japa professionals, how they contribute to the well-being of families, and how Self Maid is revolutionizing the hiring process.


Understanding Japa Professionals: Japa professionals play a pivotal role in providing holistic support during the crucial postnatal period. This 40-day service is designed to aid mothers and newborns as they transition into their new roles. The services offered include:



1. Mother and Child Care: Japa professionals offer expert guidance on infant care, ensuring both the mother and baby receive the attention they need. From feeding schedules to diaper changes, they create a nurturing environment for the entire family.
2. Therapeutic Massages: Postpartum massages are a cornerstone of Japa professionals' services. These massages aid in relieving stress, enhancing blood circulation, and promoting physical healing for the mother.
3. Nutritious Food Preparation: Nourishing the body is essential for postnatal recovery. Japa professionals prepare wholesome and hygienic meals tailored to support the mother's recovery and provide the necessary nutrition for the newborn.

The Cost of Care:

The dedication and expertise that Japa professionals bring come at a cost. Generally, Japa professionals charge between 20,000 to 25,000 per month for their services. This fee includes not only their specialized care but also the live-in arrangement they offer, which ensures hygienic food and comfortable accommodation for both the mother and the professional.


Revolutionizing Hiring with Self Maid:

Self Maid is leading the way in simplifying the process of hiring Japa professionals. Through our user-friendly mobile app and website, we connect families with trained Japa professionals who understand the significance of this period.



Our Seamless Process:

1. Job Posting: Families seeking Japa professionals can post their requirements under the "Full-Time Live-In" category, specifying their need for specialized baby care services.
2. Expert Shortlisting: We identify and shortlist skilled Japa professionals based on the family's preferences and requirements.
3. Video Call Interviews: Families can conduct video call interviews with the shortlisted professionals to ensure compatibility and expertise.
4. Personal Trials: To foster a comfortable environment, we facilitate personal trials so families can interact with professionals in person before finalizing their choice.
5. Enhanced Security: Ensuring safety is paramount. We conduct thorough criminal record checks on professionals, providing families with an added layer of assurance.
Embrace the Journey with Confidence: Welcoming a newborn is an extraordinary experience, and postnatal care sets the foundation for a healthy future. With the care and expertise of Japa professionals, families can embark on this journey with confidence. Through Self Maid, we aim to make this experience seamless, secure, and enriching for both the mother and her newborn.
Embrace the tradition of Japa professionals and let Self Maid guide you through this significant chapter. Discover the difference that specialized care can make during this transformative period. For more information and to connect with Japa professionals near you, explore our platform today.