How to find a maid Online ?

Mohit Pandey 27/10/2021



1:- Please Post a Requirement at for a Candidate, mentioning the scope of work and time duration of work.

2:- We would shortlist a candidate for you, according to your requirement and will share the profile on Whatsapp.

3:- Once you see the profile, we will align the interview of the candidate with you. You can discuss the salary of the candidate in the interview itself.

4:- Optional Facility Of Covid Test (RT-PCR Test & Isolation Facility at Sector 52 Gurgaon)

5:- Two Day Trial Period at the Clients Place.

6:- Final Confirmation of the Candidate/Subscription.

Now with improving connectivity and growing technology, there are multiply ways to not only buy products and services, but also to check the customer reviews and price for anything you want to buy.

India has became one of the growing market in the world as it not only has huge population, but also because of the huge acceptance of technology based start-up in India.

Now is the time where if a person needs anything, all they need to do is to type it on internet and some or the other company is present to help them online. This saves a lot of time for the customers and connects the right vendor to them.

Indian start-ups have came up with many solutions, which got acceptance from huge amount of customers. This has boosted the ideology for the new age entrepreneurs and now there are multiple start-ups that have created technology as a platform to bring all the businesses online and connect the right vendor to the right customers.

Still there are many businesses that need to come online and start connecting with the customers.

Google / Facebook / Instagram have become aggregators’ for these businesses to reach to their customers.

One of such industry is the Man power supply for domestic help where companies, agencies and direct maids try to connect with the customers online and Self Maid Pvt Ltd is a start-up which has come up with a platform where the customers can post their requirements and the candidates can apply for those jobs , where technology acts as a solution to make the process easy for the customers and even for the candidates , where they can find the right person and get all the necessary documentation done regarding the same.

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