What do we offer?


This includes cleaning with the broomstick, mopping, dustbin cleaning, and utensils cleaning.

Cleaning Add-On:

  • Dusting (extra charges): The dusting includes dusting of your furniture, French windows, and other windows, doors, antiques, spider webs cleaning.
  • Washroom Cleaning (extra charges): Cleaning of washroom floor, basin, commode, mirrors, and bathtub.


Cooking of all kinds of vegetarian and non - vegetarian food according to your specifications.


Butler’s defined works would be: Attending Guest, Serving of food, Supervising Maids, taking care of the kids and elderly people and dusting. Exempt services like Driving, Gardening, Cooking, Cleaning, Washroom Cleaning, massage.

Full Time/ Nanny/ Elderly Care:

Full-time maids can cook and clean. They would be doing all the odd-jobs of the house like serving food to the people, taking care of the kids and elderly people, laundry, washrooms and dusting. This category will exempt massage and any other service not mentioned.

*Odd Jobs – Bringing Grocery, Taking Dogs for a walk (If Comfortable).