Mohit Pandey 30/07/2021



One: - Who are career oriented, educated & want to move ahead in corporate and want to stand tall with the success.

In India if we just see 50 years back , most of the people working in the corporate were Male , the women were suppose to manage the household and take care of the well being of the Family and Children.

Then a change happened, where women Started sending their daughters for further studies with a vision that their daughters should not be dependent on their Husband Financially.

This vision of the mother’s brought us to the new world where all the Daughters Stand tall in the society and can live independently.

This sacrifice of one generation of women to promote their daughter and change the mentality of the world


The other One: - The ones who were underprivileged, who did not get any support from the family, who want to do something for themselves , but due to lack to education and finances they drop their studies and start working early.

For those underprivileged women, the situation becomes really difficult as they have to work for their survival as per their Skill Set.

It’s time to collaborate both in which one can help the other to achieve their goals, may it be as big as becoming a CEO of a multinational company or as small as earning bread for the family.

It’s time for us to liberate ourselves and see every human being with equality.

It’s time for all the human being to realise that no job is small or big.

It’s time for us to realise that we should unite and start working for the betterment of humanity, leaving the biased nature behind and move this world towards liberalisation.

Self Maid Pvt Ltd is an initiative to promote both the ladies to achieve the dreams they have in mind, and move towards the well being of all.








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