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Mohit Pandey 04/05/2021



MAID AGENCIES: - The term defines an individual or group of people who deals with Domestic Staff.

As simple as it sounds, but as complex as we know it!!

Domestic staff industry in India is mostly a unorganised Industry is valued as Approx. 5 lakh corer Industry in India, out of which 10 % is organized under Facility Management Industry (In which we include all the companies providing guard and other domestic staff).

These services are used as necessary services in India, around 90 % households in metropolitan cities need domestic help on the daily basis, but has anyone ever thought why it is not being addressed by any organisation since 73 years of Independence. Why not the domestic staff?

Let’s understand some basics of this industry:-





This is the most commonly used service in India. The people who live in India or are aware about the Indian Culture would not debate with the statement that Indian Houses cannot work without Domestic help.



Story Of A Mother Who Changed The World For Everyone :-

This industry has grown, with the development of Indian Women.

 If we just turn around and see the scenario of past 50 years from now, the Indian ladies themselves use to manage the houses. With the change in time they wanted to educate their children and that impacted the whole country, now most of the women who are working in multinational companies and need someone to take care of their domestic household jobs. These changes not only changed the lives of Modern Day Daughters, but also gave employment to the Uneducated Ladies, who want to be financially independent.

This change not only gave capabilities to the modern days daughters but also brought changes in the life of the Modern Day Uneducated Mothers who can change the life of their children by becoming financially independent and educating there children.



Pros & Cons of this Industry :-


There are advantages & disadvantages both in every Industry, let’s look into few of those with respect to Part time Domestic Staff:-


  • Easy Availability of maids
  • No Tax
  • Generates wellbeing for two families
  • Customised prices as per work
  • Many others


  • Trust Issues
  • No Reliability
  • No paper work
  • Manual terms and conditions
  • Over load of work
  • Lack of skillset in people
  • Lack of discipline
  • Many More


Understanding the scenario and situations in Part time Domestic staff Industry most of the companies don’t want to cater this industry , it is not so that people did not try , there were many efforts made by many companies and enough money was spend to research about this Industry and attempts were made to address this industry in the right way , but we can’t say that anyone was able to address it in the correct way as still more than 95% of this industry is being run individually between the clients and the candidates.


The Major Problems in this industry in the aspect of the companies who are trying to regulate it in an organised manner:-

  • Availability of resource matches the demand ( No third party company required to regulate it , till the time it does not adds value in the process for both the clients and candidates)
  • Additional Tax’s on the service, if anyone does it through a registered organisation.
  • Urgency of the requirement
  • Trust Building
  • Legal Complications
  • Competitive Pricing with Unorganised Players/Free Lancers.



This is the also one of the most commonly used service in India. The people who have big-families/Children/Elders usually use Full time Live-In Domestic help who live with them and help the families in their regular day to day activities.


Pros & Cons of this Industry :-


There are advantages & disadvantages both in every Industry, let’s look into few of those with respect to Full time Domestic staff:-


  • Luxurious Service
  • Long term sustaining candidates
  • More Safety
  • Less chances of Virus/Infections
  • More time for professional life
  • More time for family


  • Rare availability of the Candidates
  • Trust Issues
  • No Reliability
  • Fraud Agencies
  • Manual terms and conditions
  • Lack of skillset in people
  • Lack of professionalism  
  • Many More


In comparison with the part time Industry, the full time Industry is more organised and is vastly operated by the agencies and local agents. The major reason behind that is availability of the candidates; usually a person contacts an agency to get a full time candidate, which is not the case in a part time maid who can be found anytime either through contacting a maid or by connecting with someone on the streets.






At enough research is done to cater our clients in the best possible manner, with both Part time Domestic services and Full time Domestic services.

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