Mohit Pandey 23/04/2021


Established on 23 July 2019 with the intention to organize this huge unorganized industry of domestic help.

Self Maid Private Limited had the vision to create better job opportunities for those underprivileged ladies who knock on the doors and asks for work.

It has happened to all of us when we move to a different house or a city, suddenly someone knocks on your door and says do you need help!!
Have we ever thought about who that person is? Why is she asking for work? What her background?
While starting this project we also had these questions in our mind, therefore keeping them in mind we started our research on the industry and the results were eye-opening!!

This industry was being run in two ways part-time maids and full-time maids!!

Part time maids:-

These are the common maids everyone has in a metropolitan city, who come once or twice a day to our place and help us manage our house in which we pay them a nominal amount and these services are easily available and no Company/Agent/Agency are required to manage them, We Thought!!

Once our research was done, there were some findings which were eye-opening for us, More than 90% of the people who were part of our service said that they are highly dissatisfied with their maids who were working part-time for them. The basic problems we found were:-

1:- Discipline
2:- Uninformed Leaves
3:- Low Skillset
4:- Low Personal Hygiene
5:- High Salary Expectations
6:- Many more



Full time maid:-

These services are also vastly used in metropolitan cities, but these services are availed by the people through unorganized Agencies & Agents. These are mostly local people who don’t even have their company registered and deal with customers in cash or personal accounts.

In the research we wanted to know more about how it works, so we started talking to customers regarding the same and found that there are too many cases in which the customers were cheated and the person stopped picking up the call of the customers.

The overall customer dissatisfaction in this full-time industry is even more than the part-time industry, but it addresses more dissatisfaction with the hiring process than the skill level of workers.

Taking these agendas into consideration Self Maid Pvt Ltd was established, to work towards this industry and improves it as much as possible.
Self Maid Pvt Ltd started the operations on 5th January 2020 through online platforms WEBSITE/APP and got very heart-warming responses from our customers.

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