Mohit Pandey 23/04/2021




Established on July 23, 2019, Self Maid Private Limited had a mission to bring order to the vast, unorganized industry of domestic help.


Our vision was clear : To create better employment opportunities for underprivileged women who come seeking work.


We've all experienced it—moving to a new house or city, only to have someone knock on your door and inquire if you need assistance. But have we ever stopped to ponder who that person is, why she is seeking employment, and what her background is? These questions sparked our curiosity when we embarked on this project.

Thus, we began our research into the industry, and the findings were nothing short of enlightening.


This industry primarily operated through two avenues: part-time maids and full-time maids.


Part-time maids:

These are the common maids found in metropolitan cities. They visit our homes once or twice a day, helping us manage our households for a nominal fee. At first glance, it seemed that these services were easily accessible, requiring no company, agent, or agency to manage them.


However, our research uncovered some significant issues. Over 90% of the people who used our service expressed dissatisfaction with their part-time maids.

We identified several recurring problems:


  1. Unannounced absences.
  2. Lack of discipline.
  3. Limited skillset.
  4. Poor personal hygiene.
  5. Excessive salary expectations.
  6. And many more.


Full-time maids:

In metropolitan areas, these services are also prevalent, but they are often acquired through unregistered agencies and agents. These agents typically operate in cash transactions or personal accounts.


As we delved deeper into understanding how this sector functioned, we discovered numerous instances where customers were deceived, and service providers ceased communication with them. While the full-time industry had its share of customer dissatisfaction, it primarily pertained to the hiring process rather than the skill level of the workers.


It was in response to these challenges that Self Maid Pvt Ltd was established, with the goal of making significant improvements to this industry. Our journey began on January 5, 2020, when we launched our operations through online platforms, including our website and app.

The response from our customers has been heartwarming.